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Maikrawalle, Myfest; Berlin, Unruhen, Randale, Gewalt, Innensenator, Flucht, Friedrichshain, Euphoria, Lokal, Diskussion, Wirte, linksradikale Uebergriffe, Poebler, Sicherheit, Autonome, Linksradikalismus, Gunnar Schupelius, Journalist

  •  Wirtschafts-Karikatur "Wiedenroths Vorbörse" vom 04. Mai 2009
  •  zum Thema: Sorgen der Berliner Gastronomen vor Gewalt der politischen Linken: Innensenator Körting wiegt sie, fliehend nur, in Sicherheit
  •  Bildunterschrift: Das Hasenpanier ergreifend, pfeift sich Innensenator Körting mit einem Liedlein aus der Jugend Mut an
  • English description: Berlin senator of the interior, Ehrhart Koerting, on April 28 had a media availability at a restaurant in Berlin-Friedrichshain where he wanted to discuss the safety situation for innkeepers after attacks from left-wing extremists in march 2009, saying that there was no reason for them to be worried about first-of-may riots being at hand as police were able to safeguard the situation. As left-wing extremists appeared during this press-talk and began to accost Koerting, innkeepers and journalists he asked his dialogue partners whether these persons were the thugs they had problems with. As they answered in the affirmative Koerting suddenly was in a hurry and wanted to leave, went away, fled, even forgetting to pay the beverage he had. Following were his bodyguards, some journalists vainly asking for continuing the press talk at a different place and some of the left-wing extremists. It ended up with Koerting mounting his staff car and leaving the journalists alone with the attackers. Later he tried some public downplay of his shown cowardice. On the first of May Koerting said publicly about Berlin's notorious left-wing radical car-burners and stone-throwers their wrongdoings were to compare with sexual offenses: as soon as a woman was undressed and raped it would become easier for others to participate. Whistled melody text: Once the woman is undressed and raped, it's pretty much easier to flee ... -- Yellow balloon: Interior senator kept his safety promises! The airstream of his escape movement throws down all Antifa-crows. (Antifascist groups regularly are left-wing extremists). Caption: Turning tail and running, senator of interior Koerting tries to regain courage by whistling a little song from his youth.
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