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Verfassungsschutz, Brandenburg, Neonazi, Rechtsradikalismus, Rechtsextremismus, Antifa, Gewalt, Autos, anzuenden, Brandanschlag, Erkennungszeichen, Nummernschilder, Ziffernfolge, Buchstabenfolge, Kfz-Kennzeichen, Kritische Kombinationen, Broschuere, Faltblatt
  •  Politik-Karikatur vom 18. Dezember 2008

  •  zum Thema:  Nazizeichen-Suchneurose liefert Steilvorlage für Antifa-Autoanzünder: Verfassungsschutzbroschüre mit "kritischen" Kfz-Kennzeichen

  •  Bildunterschrift: "Außerdem sprichst du ständig Hitlers Initialen aus, wenn du lachst!"
  • English description: The federal office for the protection of the constitution in federal state Brandenburg publishes a leaflet titled: dangerous combinations on car registration plates. Therein the authority shows examples of letter or number combinations that purportedly are taken as secret signs of rightist-mindedness within the nazi scene in Germany. The number 88 for example should be avoided as it can be interpreted as Heil Hitler, where H is the eighth letter of alphabet. Caution is recommended as well for the number 28, which translated into letters is BH, which is at first a German abbreviation for bra. But according to constitution protectors it has to be interpreted as blood and honour, which was a skinhead organization, forbidden in 2000. So in future any voice may claim that this or that clothing, gesture, number, name, noise, smell, brand, colour, flower or whatever is a recognition code among nazis, and immediately all non-nazis will have to abandon some habits if they don't want to be inculpated of being a nazi. They will have to avoid daisy flower, as its name in German is gaeNSebluemchen. They will be forced to express their birthdate no longer in decimal system when they are born on April 20th, Hitler's birthday, or on January 30th, Hitler's inauguration day as head of the government 1933, or on April 30th, Hitlers suicide day, or ... or ... or. The fight against nazi ideology is badly necessary, but will never be won by these neurotic attempts to unveil purported hidden meanings behind daily-routine things. Balloon: Are you mad? 1988 is my year of birth! -- Spoken text by well-known antifascist car-burners: We are legitimized in doing so, nazi bitch! You've been warned by the government! On leaflet: Office for protection of the constitution. Caption: Moreover you are vocalizing permanently Hitler's initials when you're laughing!

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