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Jörg Haider, Unfalltod, Klagenfurt, Kärnten, Bundesland, Österreich, VW Phaeton, tödlicher Unfall, Sprache, Populismus, Populist, Negativattribut, Petrus, Himmelstor, Telefon
  •  Politik-Karikatur vom 13. Oktober 2008

  •  zum Thema: Auch post mortem: Haiders Namen nicht ohne das R-Wort nennen

  •  Bildunterschrift: "Moment, ich notiere. Rechtspop ... - schreibt man das mit o oder u?"
  • English description: Austrian politician Joerg Haider dies in an accident south of Klagenfurt city. German media still after his death put very much value on calling him controversial and a right-wing populist, which is a derogative indication of a person who untruthfully convinces people with simplified descriptions of reality and with prejudices. Remarkably enough it is part of political business in general, of all political parties, to inform with an inherent tendency towards one's own political advantage. Every german democratic party already has called another to be populistic when the latter dealt with a problem in a way that wasn't accepted by the other, as a matter of course on the political left side, too. It is, in fact, extremely populistic when the established parties create fear with hint on a supposed human fault when it comes to climate change and thereafter present themselves as the only ones who are able to curb it - taking the money of taxpayers. If populistic means 'not differentiated enough' the use of this term for calling someone names is populistic by itself. Petrus at heaven's gate speaks on the phone, caption: Just a moment please, I note down. Right-wing pop... does one spell that with an o or an u? On sign: media obituary telephones.

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