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Fee conditions for the use of current cartoons and caricatures from archive

Daily cartoons are published regularly on this website.

Overview of current cartoons

Upon request, I'll like to send free of charge a selection of cartoons from my archive on a desired topic. If you made a selection, like a cartoon so well that you want to use it for publication purposes, I will like to transfer the right for use upon payment of a fee. For this I ask you to provide your billing address. Free of charge are solely caricature displaying purposes within your private household.

The amount of the fee depends on the purpose, fee amounts are exclusive of VAT (subject to change without notice).

Status: 01. Januar 2010


  • Use in articles, papers, theses, presentations, seminar papers by scholars, students, trainees, postgraduates: : EUR 5.00 per caricature.

  • Use in teaching materials, presentations, lectures by teachers from schools, universities or institutions:: EUR 8.00 per caricature.

  • Use in small newspapers, small magazines, school magazines, newsletters, membership publications with less than 1,000 copies: EUR 50.00 per caricature.

  • Use in print products with more than 1,000 copies circulation, daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, Internet sites (unlimited use on a specified domain), PDF magazines for download, presentations, lectures: EUR 75.00 per caricature.

  • Use in newspapers and magazines with more than 1,000 and less than 800,000 copies edition: EUR 100.00 per caricature. With more than 800.000 Exemplaren Auflage: EUR 130.00 per caricature.

  • Use in long-life print products or other durable products (such as encyclopedias, almanacs, school books, textbooks, games, electronic games): EUR 150.00 per caricature. Thus the use in a specific edition is remunerated. New editions are to pay for again.

Cartoon originals are for sale. Prices on request.

When publishing a copy is requested.

Please note: If you use any caricatures displayed on this site or use caricatures offered in a selection to you upon request for publication purposes without having made known to me this use, this will be a breach of copyright. In case of discovery of such a use you will be charged with a handling fee of EUR 100.00 per each unlawfully used caricature. And this will be subject to further legal action.





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