08. Juni 2009. Climate change: exhibition of Wiedenroth-caricatures on so called climate-protection.

    Flensburg (ots) - "KMILANDAWEL" ( an anagram of the german word for climate change) has Götz Wiedenroth baptized his exhibition, which is to be seen from 10 to 30 June 2009 in Flensburg, Phänomenta science-center. The so-called climate change policy is commented by this Flensburg cartoonist in a way as it is demanded by his caricature-profession: politically incorrect, put down in 20 exhibited drawings. Phänomenta building is open as from June from to Monday to Friday, 10-18 clock, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11-18 clock, the visiting cost is included in the entrance fee of Phänomenta.

"Kmilandawel" provokes, because the good news of Götz Wiedenroth reads: The polar caps will not melt. The bad: on the planet it will be colder. "The return of the glaciers" was the successful book title of author Peter Kaiser in 1971, Wiedenroth calls in memory. Anxiety mood 40 years later is created in a different way. With the vision of our earth soon becoming a desert planet, interested circles achieve in making the masses head shy. For the cartoonist it is clear: with the crazy idea that man can influence the climate, with the still more crazy idea, the vital emission of the gas carbon dioxide was to blame for global warming at an unimaginable scale, currently huge sums of money are earned - to the detriment of the ordinary people . Profiteers were submissive scientists, media in need of circulation, power- and tax-addicted politicians - and, of course, a booming climate industry, benefiting of legally prescribed compulsory purchases- a magnificent resource of inspiration for cartoonist Götz Wiedenroth.

The Phänomenta Flensburg is the science-center of german federal state of Schleswig-Holstein

Here you come on the track of the laws of nature - with all senses. "Touching desirable" instead of "prohibited touching". Laws of nature up close! - At more than 150 exciting experimental stations you make brand new experiences. You make the ions organ sound and experience your own body as a conductor. Mirrors and optical illusions show that you can't always trust your eyes. Be surprised by your own senses and put your skill and concentration to the test. www.phaenomenta-flensburg.de.

About Götz Wiedenroth

Born in Bremen, works after an early biography as an industrial business management assistant and Diplomkaufmann (comparable to a Master's degree in business) since 1995 in Flensburg, Germany, as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. He is a passionate draftsman from an early age and won 1997, 2001 and 2008 award certificates of the German prize for the political cartoon, awarded by the Academy of Communication in Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart. His comments appear in daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, several magazines and since 2002 on the German news site of the Internet portal Yahoo!

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